Rapidly deployed online tests for employee knowledge management and reporting....

A simple to use employee test environment, beautifully designed and intelligently built in the latest Microsoft technologies. Test Creator can be used for product or service knowledge tests, post event feedback questionnaires and a whole host of other applications.

Creating tests example

Create Tests

  • Create and name your test along with writing the welcome text and joining instructions
  • Build questions rapidly and simply by entering the question text, then choosing either a multiple choice, multi-select or free text for the answer
  • Apply score value to question
  • You can also create revision links and attach relevant images
  • Select whether you require the test to be timed then add by how long
  • Assign to entrants and click to deploy
Managing Applicants example

Manage Applicants

  • Administrators can add, edit or delete entrants
  • Bulk CSV upload of entrants
  • Assign entrants to tests
Reporting example


  • Multiple reports on entrants on screen or as CSV export
  • League table scores on points and time
  • Challenging question reports
  • Rapidly identifies areas requiring additional training needs
  • Bespoke reports can be produced on request
Sitting a test example

Sitting a Test

  • Link from email or entrant simply logs in to access the test
  • Entrant can sit multiple tests
  • Entrant navigates through test environment answering questions, using revision links if required and concludes with a pass or fail score and a certificate
  • If the user fails they require to sit the test again
Create Brands example

Create Brands

  • Create and manage multiple branded profiles
  • Select colour theme for your branded tests from a suite of template styles
  • Bespoke themes supplied as part of the set up
  • Upload corporate logo to brand your test environment
  • Create as many branded tests as you like - great value for businessʼs with multiple sub divisions or companies

Application Features

Test Creator marries great design, simple user experience and robust technologies into a web based application that enables you to build and deploy tests in a matter of minutes.

The system has been built around functionality youʼll need rather than gratuitous features for features sake. However, if your require bespoke development our team of developers are at hand to rapidly customise a solution to suit your business needs.

Admin Entrant
Create and manage unlimited brand profiles Access through unique email or login
Tailor profiles with theme sets and logo Sit multiple tests
Name and create unlimited tests Easy to navigate test environment using paging
Duplicate tests for speed Immediate response on pass or fail
Create questions in multiple choice, multi-select or free flow Certificate on pass
Apply unique scoring per question and test  
Apply reference links to tests  
Manage unlimited entrants  
Deploy tests through integrated email system  
Review extensive test and entrant reporting
.NET Web application
MS SQL Database
Dedicated hosted environment (or can be hosted on your servers)
Unique domain purchased as set up i.e. YourCompanyLearning.com
24 Hour deployment

As used by

P&G vodafone EA Sony Ericsson Wella


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